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by Tony krijnen

Hierbij een handig artikel dat ik gemaakt heb over het aanmaken van websites in Windows Azure. Ik heb het in het Engels geschreven zodat er meer mensen wat aan hebben.


In order to follow these steps you do need a Windows Azure account. You can create a free test account for 90 days but you do need a creditcard for this. If you have a MSDN subscription then you can use this for Windows Azure. 

The following steps assume you have created your account and are able to logon to the Windows Azure Portal. Now let us create a website!

Create a New Website

  1. Logon to the Windows Azure Portal
  2. At the bottom, click the NEW icon
  3. Select Compute | Web site | From Gallery
  4. On the Add Web App page ALL is selected by default. Scroll down and note how many popular (open source) Web Apps are all available to deploy into an Azure website: DotNetNuke, Drupal, Joomla, MojoPortal, PHP, WordPress, etc.  
  5. On the Add Web App page select CMS from the left and choose MojoPortal.
  6. Mojoportal is an open source content management system based on ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL. Click on the arrow to go to page 2.
  7. In the URL box, type a unique name for your website, like the ITCAMP[Postalcode] where [Postalcode] is your postalcode number, or use your own unique name.
    Leave the default “Create a new SQL database” option and make sure you select West Europe as your Region (Unless you are not from Western Europe). Make up a Database username and give it a strong password. Then click on the arrow to the right to go to step 3.
  8. On the Specifiy Database Settings page, enter a name for the new database, select New SQL database server from the pull down box and provide the desired Server login name and password. Make sure the region is set to West Europe.
    Click the checkmark icon at the right hand bottom to deploy your website.
  9. Note how quick the complete website is deployed. Within a few minutes the website is available for configuration!

Using your New Website

  1. From the Windows Azure Portal, click on the Completed Operation icon on the right hand botton:
  2. The status of your website is displayed, click on the Details button to see the steps that were taken to deploy the website.
  3. From the Details window, click Setup to configure the website.
  4. You are now going to the setup page for the MojoPortal website. In this step MojoPortal is going to create the database tables and setup the website for the first use.
  5. After a few seconds the setup is done. At the bottom of the page you can than go to the Site home page. Click on this link.
  6. From the MojoPortal website, click the Sign In link at the top. Login to the website with the username admin@admin.com and the password admin. You are now in the MojoPortal control center. From the top menu bar click My Account. It is important that you immediately change the default username and password.
  7. Next, click the Change Password link to change the default password. Enter the old and new password and click Change. Then click continue.
  8. The rest is MojoPortal functionality. You can find the documentation for this on www.mojoportal.com. Click on administration to see the options. In Site Settings you can change the name and skin for this website.

Personally I’m a big fan of a website skin design program called Artisteer. You can very easy create a skin for MojoPortal (or Wordpress, etc) using this program. Especially the random skin feature is great. No need to learn any CSS and it comes with a great deal of rights free artwork. The full version of this program costs $ 129,95.


Managing your New Website

  1. Let’s switch back to the Windows Azure Portal. From the Websites option, click on the right arrow next to your website.
  2. Note the options on the Quick Start menu. From here you can click on the dashboard, monitor, configure, scale etc links.
  3. Let’s start with the dashboard. Here you’ll find an overview of the monitoring and usage of your website.
  4. Now let’s take a look at Configure. Here you can enter a custom domain name to be used with your website but in order to do this the website has to be scaled.
  5. Click on the Scale your site now link.
    Note how on this page you can change the website mode from free to shared or reserved. To be able to change the domain name you have to change the web site mode to Reserved. You can then change the Instance count to a maximum of 10 instances.

This concludes the steps to create a website in Windows Azure. The steps below are shown for reference how I’ve added a custom domain name to the website.

Note that when you change the state of the Web site mode from Free to Reserved this will change the cost model on your Windows Azure account. Before you change this make sure you are aware of what the pricing model is for the website and instances.

  1. First we’ve upgraded our website to reserved.
    Once the scaling of the website was completed we clicked on the Configure link.
  2. We were now able to change the domain name to whatever we want. Under domain names a new option manage domains was now available:

  3. Clicking on the Manage Domains link shows this screen:

    image20 So you first have to create a CNAME record to prove you own the domain name and then create an A record to the domain name you want. Once that’s populated the custom domain name works.

(The website referenced in this blog post is no longer online as it was solely created for writing this blog) 


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